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45 Days: Theatrics from Capitol Hill

NOTES FROM CAPITOL HILL: Yesterday's theatrics and drama are over, but we find ourselves with another 45 days before they revisit the same issues. The question that lingers is whether we can trust our elected officials to work in the best interest of patriotic Americans.

What was truly accomplished over the weekend? The annual deficit stands at a staggering $2 trillion, and America is paying significant interest on that debt each year. The deficit is $33 Trillion.

It's crucial to address America's spending habits and reduce the deficit. The American people deserve a government that works for them, and this budget must reflect that commitment. We need to see concrete actions taken to cut back and provide real benefits to the American people.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) must prioritize border security over further funding for Ukraine. The influx of illegal immigrants poses a real challenge, and we need to protect our borders and prioritize the safety of American citizens.

In the next 45 days, we will see whether the government faces another shutdown or continues to teeter on the brink.

Matt Gaetz is challenging Speaker McCarthy and the media portrayed it as a major battle in the GOP. Gaetz will lose. He has had his 24 minutes of fame. Matt Gaetz faces scrutiny, and his future as a powerful player in Congress is on shaky ground as he plays his hand to remove Speaker McCarthy.

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