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Angela Stanton-King Stands With Jane Doe and Demands Haddish Held Accountable for Sexual Abuse

ATLANTA/ SEPTEMBER 9 2022/ BPA LIVEWIRE/ American King Foundation founder Angela Stanton-King is committed to protecting America’s children by any means necessary. It is Stanton’s commitment to protecting children and holding their abusers accountable that prompted her to travel from Atlanta, GA, to Los Angeles to stand with Jane Doe to demand the arrest of A-list comedian/actress Tiffany Haddish and comedian Aries Spears on child sexual abuse claims.

Last week numerous media outlets posted shocking allegations of child and sexual abuse claims aimed at Haddish and Spears involving an underage boy. The shocking criminal allegations were prompted when Jane Doe wrote a letter to the Los Angeles County District attorney stating she was prepared to provide irrefutable evidence that substantiated said allegations of child sexual abuse. Since the story went viral, Stanton-King says she is appalled at the lack of empathy from the public as fans of Haddish and Spears have gone into overdrive defending them online. “Whether this happened two years ago or ten years ago, it’s a crime, and there must be accountability. It took twenty years and a trending documentary to get a conviction on R. Kelly because our culture protects the talented and privileged. This creates an unsafe environment for our children as we keep showing them that if their abuser is privileged, there is no recourse for their abuse. This must stop, and I have committed myself and this organization to protecting children. We have to show up and let our voices be heard, regardless of the occupation or popularity of the assailant. Anything else is hypocritical,” Stanton-King states.

Stanton-King, on behalf of the American King Foundation, will stand with child advocates from across the country on Monday, September 12, at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office at 210 W. Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, at 10 AM PST.

For more information on the American King Foundation, visit or phone 404-997-1151.

About AKF:

AKF seeks to impact communities by providing collaborative solutions centered around programming tailored specifically for the criminal justice system. In working to decrease emotional triggers that potentially lead to criminal behaviors, AKF’s objectives are specific to providing supportive services that aid in the growth and development of inmates, returning citizens, and the disadvantaged.

Using value-based success mapping, we offer programming that determines the best path to overcoming obstacles and efficiently managing detours so people can achieve their goals and meet their financial needs. Regardless of circumstance or situation, AKF believes in second chances and improving the quality of life for all Americans.



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