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Auntie Angie’s House Scheduled to Open Despite Possible Arson Attack

The Home is a Safe Haven to Support Women with Crisis Pregnancies

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ATLANTA, March 13, 2023 /BPALiveWire/ After an unexplained fire destroyed her pro-life center, Angela Stanton-King and the Auntie Angie’s House Board of Directors are determined to move forward. The loss of the Victoria-style home in the historic King District of Atlanta was a blow to the organization. But Stanton-King and her supporters are determined to move forward to support women and babies despite the terrifying ordeal.

As the original site undergoes construction Auntie Angie’s House will launch its flagship home on March 24.

“Financial support is critical at this point,” said Stanton-King. “I am never bashful when it comes to supporting innocent babies. We need you to visit our website and contribute financially or visit our gift Amazon registry. We need you to do this today.”

The location will be provided upon receiving your RSVP at


Angela Stanton-King

Dr. Alveda King

What: Grand opening of Auntie Angie’s House, a haven for women experiencing crisis pregnancies

When: March 24, 2023; 11 am - 2 pm ES

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