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Binge Worthy Daily Bread Will Make You Thankful for The Simple Life

Director Nina May’s faith-based post-apocalyptic dramatic series, Daily Bread should be added to your Thanksgiving Binge-watching list. The series which can be streamed on Amazon’s Freevee follows the journey of seven millennial women who find themselves stranded on a farm after a solar flare darkens the world. What sets this series apart is its unique blend of faith-based storytelling and suspenseful survival challenges. Ultimately the story of the resilience of the human spirit is perfect for the holiday season.

The women, armed with nothing but cookbooks and guns, choose not only to survive the harsh realities of their new environment but to thrive as they work together to rebuild civilization. The series explores the struggles of a generation deeply connected to their devices, now forced to confront a reality they've never experienced before. Viewers can expect a rollercoaster of emotions as the characters navigate through faith, friendship, and the challenges of a post-apocalyptic world.

In a disturbing coincidence, Daily Bread mirrors recent scientific warnings of a potential solar superstorm that could disrupt the internet for an extended period. A recent news story highlighted the concerns raised by researchers, including Professor Peter Becker of George Mason University, who emphasized the increasing solar activity and its potential impact on our technology-dependent society. The series becomes even more relevant as viewers consider the possibility of an "internet apocalypse" due to solar activity. Daily Bread serves as a captivating exploration of a world where the internet is no longer a given, urging us to reflect on our dependence on technology. Visit to begin your binge-viewing

Visit to begin your binge-viewing.


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