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Black Friday: Put Your Money Where Your Values Are

Every day, we join the chorus of friends and family complaining about the sexualization of children and the redefinition of the word "woman." We wring our hands and ask how have we come to this point. An examination of our spending habits reveals that we are complicit in fueling the troubling trends. We are writing about it today because we also believe that our simple spending habits are ultimately robbing kids of their innocence and robbing women of the exclusive right to be called women.

If you think we are blowing things out of proportion and there is no reason to stop shopping at Target, we would have to strongly disagree with you. Over the last year Target has openly pushed a pro transgender kids' agenda in defiance of the conservative Mama Bears who keep it in the financial black. Even though the CEO of Target took to CNBC earlier this month to deny it, there are far too many videos of Mama Bears walking through Target in disgust over what they found in the children's section. They found everything from gay pride onsies for babies to girls' swimsuits with “tuck-friendly construction” to hide male genitalia.

Corporate retailers are banking on the fact that most of us are all talk and at the end of the day, we will be lulled into compliance by morally bankrupt companies because of the convenience. They believe we will go the easy route rather than take the extra effort to find retailers who share our values. Let’s prove them wrong this year. Rather than having this season be about who we are not shopping with (Target, Hershey’s, Adidas, North Face, Disney), we want to identify some retailers that do share our values. First, we are excited about the fairly new marketplace, Public Square. According to Michael Seifert the founder and CEO of PublicSquare, the site started off as a simple list. He and his wife wanted to identify which companies in their area honored freedoms and did not impose mask and vaccine mandates. That small list is now a full-grown publicly traded marketplace of products and services. The site is home to retailers who do not think conservatives are stupid. They even know how to define the word woman and recognize that America is a pretty cool nation. There are some specific retailers that we want to flag. We met Markisha Guillot walking

through Manhattan. We were doing man-on-the-street interviews and her style, grace and faith blew us away. We have been following her and her line of fashionable faith wear, Run From Sin. Her website describes the clothing line as “a Holy Spirit-lead evangelistic ministry that aims to inspire the world through the production of fashionable testimony-inspired Christian Apparel.”

Another beautiful woman of God entrepreneur is Arden Ney Brewer. Arden has traveled and studied with some of the most respected artists and art historians in the world. Through beautifully handcrafted art, her company, Emmanuel Concepts, explores the many ways we experience God in our everyday lives. Each of Arden’s works of art are reminders of Emmanuel, God with us.

Dirk and Megan Kool are the owners of Mega Strong Fitness. These two make working out a family affair. They offer virtual and live classes that fit any schedule and budget. If you want to be challenged and inspired by a down-to-earth couple who love America and places priority on family, the Kools are your people.

And of course, we believe that a great stocking stuffer is our book Prayer & Pound Cake, the Bass Sister's Guide to Surviving and Thriving in Business. Over the last year, we have used the lessons in our book to ignite segments of our business. We know you will be blessed by the lessons and more importantly, by the prayers and scriptures in the book.

Money talks. This holiday season let the retailers who respect your values have your money. It is common sense. Tag us in the products that you are buying this year that support your values and they may be featured in a 2024 national townhall on entrepreneurship.


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