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Capitol Hill Bestie Answers Your Government And Political Questions

Janae Bowens, a former House and Senate Capitol Hill staffer, recently launched the Instagram account @capitolhillbestie. Bowens, now an investigative journalist, combines her skills as a reporter with her inside knowledge on how Capitol Hill works to answer questions about how government works.

"My goal is to empower people with the knowledge they need, so they understand when big decisions are being made in Washington," writes Bowens in her introductory post. "If you know all this stuff, you're a news junkie, you keep up with politics like it's your job, this page isn't quite for you, but I appreciate your support."

Since launching the account two weeks ago, Bowens has answered questions about everything from the role of a WHIP to how an elected member of Congress can be removed from office.

You may submit through Instagram or TikTok. The account responds each Sunday through Thursday.


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