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Dr. Alveda King and Ginger Howard Launch Group for Spiritually Active Government Engaged Women

ATLANTA, Wednesday, December 6, 2023/ — On Tuesday, SHE LEADS GEORGIA, a newly launched initiative, recognized 50 women of faith for their commitment to modeling servant leadership. The women were each pinned as “commissioners" in reference to the Great Commission as articulated in Matthew 28:16-20. The scripture underlines the call to share the Gospel with all nations.

SHE LEADS GEORGIA is a chapter of SHE LEADS AMERICA an organization founded by Liz Doyle to empower women of faith from diverse backgrounds to impact culture for Christ. The newly minted commissioners were carefully selected for their unwavering dedication to being servant leaders in their daily lives and professional endeavors.

“We are thrilled that SHE LEADS GEORGIA is launching with 50 commissioners who have the power and heart to impact public policy and culture,” said Doyle. “Esther 4:14 reminds us that we have come to our position for such a time as this. There is no better time than right now to call on women of faith to show courage and unite for the common good of our communities.”

The honorees include a diverse group of women, each making significant contributions to their communities and beyond. Notable among them is Christian Evangelist Dr. Alveda King who is a co-founder with Ginger Howard of the Georgia chapter.

"I am honored to be part of SHE LEADS GEORGIA and witness the recognition of these exceptional women,” said Dr. King. “Their commitment to servant leadership aligns with the teachings of Christ, and I believe they will continue to make a profound impact in their spheres of influence. The diverse backgrounds and walks of life remind us that we are one family, one blood, one human race."

Jacqueline McKoon pinning Dorothy Humphrey

Dorothy Bass, Senior Advisor at Bass Public Affairs, said, "It's truly inspiring to see a diverse group of women coming together under the banner of servant leadership. I congratulate my fellow honorees for their dedication to making a positive difference, and I am excited to work with each of them to continue making an impact for good in Georgia."

Women celebrating the launch of SHE LEADS GEORGIA.


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