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National Philanthropy Day

Families are dealing with unique financial challenges as the nation continues to face skyrocketing inflation. BPALiveWire is excited to share the thoughts of three dynamic women from diverse walks of life who fully embraced philanthropy.


Dr. Alveda King - Founder of Alveda King Ministries, shares the long legacy of giving taught by the King Family. Dr. King's giving habits are born from a family foundation rooted in giving. Recently an interview resurfaced, underscoring the King family's commitment to helping

others. During the interview, actress Julia Roberts shared how Dr. King's uncle Martin Luther King, Jr. and aunt Coretta Scott King paid the medical bills for Julia Roberts' birth. Click here to learn more about Alveda King Ministries.

Tanisha Watson - Watson, host of The Giving Channel, teaches that you don't have to be a billionaire to make an impact. Giving small amounts consistently makes a monumental impact over time. Click here to subscribe to The Giving Channel.

Carrie Morgridge - VP of the Morgridge Family Foundation encourages non-profits to embrace philanthropy while empowering and learning from Generation Z. The Morgridge Family Foundation partnered with cultural agency sparks&honey to produce the Future of Giving report. Click here to download the free report.


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