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NC Lt. Gov. Inspires Audience: African American History is a Story of Resilience

WASHINGTON/ February 24/ BPALiveWire In an event hosted by America First Policy Institute (AFPI), Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (NC) warned against listening to leaders who make the case that the American Dream is dead and Black Americans are victims. In today's ongoing battle of how American history is taught and shared, Robinson says African American history is not a story of weakness but strength. The story of those enslaved is as essential to the American story as the founding fathers' story.

Robinson boldly asserted, "We are a people who survived the middle passage, survived the slave plantations, survived the Edmond Pettus Bridge and look at us now, standing tall, proud and ready to take on the world."

Robinson's life proves that the American Dream is alive and will continue to advance if Americans reject identity politics and focus instead on policies that work.

"I felt the sting of unemployment. I felt the sting of getting down to the end f the month and not having enough money to cover those bills," Robinson said. "I know what it's like to be walked out of the door and told, 'Hey, we're closing down, moving to Mexico. You're not going to a job tomorrow. I know what that's like. I don't want it to happen, never again."


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