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New Book:Ben Carson, Ben Crump, Armstrong Williams Offer Solutions to the Crisis in the Classroom

Media Avails: Authors are available for interviews. Contact Dee Dee Bass Wilbon 302.357.7206.

WASHINGTON, November 15, 2022 / BPA LIVEWIRE - Famed neurosurgeon and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson, renowned Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump and serial entrepreneur and media personality Armstrong Williams shed light on the significant challenges facing the American education system in their new book, Crisis in the Classroom. Each author understands the pivotal impact a quality education had on their extraordinary life achievements. Education is the foundation of every nation’s success or failure; it produces upstanding citizens, lifts people out of poverty and catalyzes change. Crisis in the Classroom offers insightful essays by the celebrated thought leaders that expose the harsh realities of the current state of education in the United States and its repercussions on American exceptionalism.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr: “A must-read. This compelling set of essays by three leading, independent, and highly respected voices takes on the range of challenges facing underserved communities. Whatever their difference is, they all agree on the moral imperative to address the Civil Rights issue of our time – the failure of our inner-city schools to provide a quality education to all children. The time has come for fundamental change.”

Pastor A.R. Bernard: “Education is more than communication of information, it is the transfer of life to the Next Generation. The classroom is the incubator for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and character. Crisis in the Classroom points directly to the problem. It's “us,” all of us. The road to restoring our educational system is difficult, but not impossible if we work together.”

Crisis in the Classroom is available for pre-order on Amazon at the link: November 15 is the official release date.

Media Avails: Authors are available for interviews. Contact Dee Dee Bass Wilbon 302.357.7206.


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