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The Gloucester Institute Graduates 2024 Class of Emerging Leaders

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2024 Emerging Leaders of The Gloucester Institute

GLOUCESTER, VA/ APRIL 14, 2024/BPALiveWire - The Gloucester Institute is pleased to announce the graduation of its 2024 Emerging Leaders. Charles James Jr., Partner at Williams Mullens, and Eugene Thomas, Founder of Greater Unity, served as commencement speakers at the ceremony held at The Gloucester Institute's historic Holly Knoll.

Charles and Kay Coles James, founded the Gloucester Institute in 2007 to empower and train African American leaders. The Emerging Leaders is one of Gloucester's flagship programs bringing local, state national and global leaders to mentor and teach program participants. The Emerging Leaders convened monthly at Holly Knoll to learn about character and leadership development. The training benefits students by expanding their knowledge and network for leadership roles in today's complex world.

The Emerging Leader's Program, open to motivated undergraduates from accredited Virginia colleges and universities, emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The Gloucester Institute continues Dr. Robert Russa Moton's legacy, providing a nurturing environment at Holly Knoll for emerging leaders to thrive.

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