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Top Female Political Journalists Honored by Story Partners and Washingtonian

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WASHINGTON/April 30/ BPALiveWire On April 27, 2023, the 10th annual Women in Journalism Awards were held to honor the top female political reporters. Gloria Dittus, Chair of Washington, D.C.-based Story Partners, and Cathy Merrill Williams, the publisher of the Washingtonian, co-hosted the awards ceremony, which recognized the outstanding work of four female journalists who have made significant contributions to the integrity of political journalism.

Gloria Borger, the chief political analyst at CNN, received the Hall of Fame Achievement Award for her distinguished career in political journalism.

Kelly O’Donnell, a veteran correspondent for NBC News, was recognized as the Outstanding Journalist in Broadcast Television for her extensive coverage of major news events.

Jacqueline Alemany, a national political reporter for The Washington Post, received the Outstanding Journalist in Print award for her in-depth breaking news coverage.

Asma Khalid, a political correspondent for NPR, received the Star to Watch.

Borger told InSide Story, “Over my years in journalism, we’ve increased the numbers of women leading and reporting in newsrooms by leaps and bounds. And it shows. There is no one “women’s” point of view, of course, but mentoring and promoting women provides newsrooms with an invaluable diversity of perspectives and voices that are so useful to coverage in an increasingly complicated world.”

As the very definition of the word woman is under attack, it is more important now than ever to celebrate the critical voice and perspectives that women bring to the newsrooms.

The hosts offered special thanks to the event's sponsors National Retail Federation, American Beverage Association, American Council of Life Insurers, Alibaba Group, American Petroleum Institute, Delta, Johnson & Johnson, PhRMA, Southern Company, Toyota and U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


Photo #1 - Left to Right: Gloria Dittus, Jacqeuline Alemany, Gloria Borger, Asma Khalid, Kelly O'Donnell, Cathy Merrill Williams

Photo #2 - Left to Right: Deana Bass Williams, Gloria Borger, Dee Dee Bass Wilbon


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