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Top Three Lessons About Philanthropy

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Lesson One: Everyone can be a philanthropist, not just the uber-rich

Tanisha Watson, the host of The Giving Channel, is working to change the face of Philanthropy. Watson knows that when most people hear the word philanthropist, they think of people like Oprah and organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations. However, she and her husband and partner at The Giving Channel, Rick Watson, are teaching that everyone can be a philanthropist.

Lesson Two: Effective giving is consistent no matter what the amount

"The Giving Channel was birthed from the very foundation of community leaders' influence," said Watson. "We are here every week to encourage you to give and give consistently."

Each week on The Giving Channel, Watson shows that giving consistently, even in small amounts, can make a huge impact.

Lesson Three: Giving benefits both the receiver and the giver

In addition to blessing to others, Watson has also shared what giving does to impact her life. "For me giving is part of self-care. Just knowing that I have helped somebody else helps me to be all I can be."

Philanthropic strategist Bruce DeBoskey said, "Philanthropy is like love. The more you make it a cornerstone of your life, the more you'll find the joy, meaning and satisfaction in living."

Tune in to learn who will receive The Giving Channel's 2022 Giving Challenge Gift. Also, you can join Tanisha Watson in January 2023 for the 31-Day Giving Challenge.


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