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Weekend Watch: Celebrating Life with the Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a refreshing surprise streaming hit. The show breaks the legal drama mold as it chronicles the life of a rookie attorney in Seoul who lives with autism. 


The series explores the challenges of neurodivergence in the legal world, portraying the protagonist's unconventional and blunt communication style as an asset. 

With a top-tier education, Woo Young Woo faces the complexities of a major law firm, where her exceptional intelligence and memory make her a surprise and reluctant superstar attorney. The show presents a fun, comedic, sentimental and emotional peek into Woo's extraordinary journey.

Some may be critical that Woo adds to the stereotype of autism because Woo, played to perfection by South Korean actress Park Eun-bin, operates as a uber quirky genius on the high performing spectrum.  

The reason it makes BPALiveWire’s Weekend Watch nod is because the show celebrates the value of every life.  Without being a spoiler, one of the most pivotal moments in season one comes as a flashback, on a rainy night in the middle of the street Woo's father passionately pleads with her mother not to abort the child. Both parents are law students on the verge of starting their careers. The mother, driven by ambition, grapples with the idea of having a baby that might disrupt her aspirations.  The father, understanding that the life of the child is more important than any career, vows to give up his studies and raise the baby alone.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo may not have intended to make such a powerful pro-life, pro-father statement, but they did and that adds to the already unconventional story and delightful streaming experience.  You can watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Amazon Prime.


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