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Ja'Ron Smith and Chris Pilkerton's newly released book Underserved explores solutions for America's most vulnerable communities.

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The Real Race Revolutionairies

A champion of small business owners and a strong voice for free enterprise, Alfredo Ortiz serves as the President and CEO of the Job Creator's Network.

Listen to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. read his powerful "Letter from Birmingham Jail."

This book grew from the congressional testimony I offered before the US House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee in the spring of 2022 in a hearing on the barriers facing minority small businesses. I explained how bad government policy, not racism, is the biggest barrier to minority economic opportunity. This book completes that argument.

I've lived the challenges and opportunities facing minority entrepreneurs firsthand. My parents came to the US over 50 years ago from Mexico City to pursue the American Dream. They've both passed on, but the values they taught me -- hard work, grit, and gratitude -- helped me become a successful small business owner.

Millions of minority entrepreneurs from Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East come here for the same reasons my parents did. To take advantage of America's free-market economy, which rewards ingenuity, hard work, and customer service over credentials, family connections, and skin color. I have dedicated my professional life to preserving and expanding these entrepreneurship opportunities that are constantly under attack.

Alfredo Ortiz -- President and CEO of Job Creators Network

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James Lindsay is an author, internationally recognized speaker, and the founder and president of New Discourses. 

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     Education is in bad shape in America and beyond today. It’s obvious. Everyone perceives it. Something is going badly wrong in our schools. Our children aren’t learning as they should be. Their mastery of core academic curriculum like reading, writing, history, mathematics, science, and civics has declined to crisis levels and shows no signs of improvement. Meanwhile, they’re all learning to be activists, turning their backs on their nations, societies, and even their parents and religions. Instead of correcting course, school curricula keep veering into “social and emotional learning (SEL),” Critical Race Theory, cultural competence, culturally relevant education, Queer Theory, Radical Gender Theory, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, decolonizing the curriculum, and even drag queens. What’s going on? The answer is simple. Their education has been stolen from them. Activists have spent the last forty to fifty years taking over education and transforming it into something different: not mere indoctrination but brainwashing. The transformation of education from education to neo-Marxist thought reform follows significantly from the work of a Brazilian Marxist by the name of Paulo Freire, who is little-known outside of South America and colleges of education. In this book, The Marxification of Education, James Lindsay, founder of New Discourses, breaks down the contents and impact of Freire’s disastrous work so that you can understand it and, hopefully, put a stop to it.

Dr. Alveda King

"When I think of the areas that influenced Uncle ML, I must consider the music that engulfed our lives and the family home on Auburn Avenue. The music was rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Condoleezza Rice

"We have come a long way since Dr. King shared his dream at the Lincoln Memorial — may we take pride in that as a nation, and remain committed to human progress in his example."

Dr. Ben Carson

"Even in the darkest days of the Civil Rights movement, Dr. King advocated for the fulfillment — rather than the rejection — of America’s founding promise."

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