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Armstrong Williams: Liz Truss Reflects on Bygone Era of Queen Elizabeth II and State of Geo Politics

As Royal Watchers prepare to commemorate what would have been the 98th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, veteran communicator Armstrong Williams shares an exclusive interview with former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss.  Truss offers viewers a vivid picture of the atmosphere surrounding the Queen's last days, highlighting moments that hinted at her deteriorating condition. One such instance stands out, as Truss recalls the somber announcement that Queen Elizabeth would be unable to fulfill her scheduled appearance from Balmoral.

The interview reminds viewers of the enduring reverence and respect accorded to Queen Elizabeth II, not only in the United Kingdom but across the globe. In an era marked by divisive figures and polarizing narratives, the Queen symbolizes a bygone era of unity and tradition. Truss reminds us of a time when the monarchy commanded universal admiration and respect, offering a stark contrast to the contemporary landscape of discord.

In addition to reflection on Queen Elizabeth, Williams’ conversation with Truss delves into geopolitics of the day.

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