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Baltimore Mayoral Candidate Shannon Wright Aims to Restore Charm to Charm City

Shannon Wright
Shannon Wright

Pastor Shannon Wright, known for the fiery determination that secured her the spot on the ballot as Baltimore City’s Republican nominee in 2020, has declared her mayoral candidacy for the upcoming election cycle.

In a statement, Wright said, “I am not going to sit on the sidelines while the city I love is consumed by crime, food insecurity, and a cast of characters who are in bed with developers. The people deserve more, the children deserve more.” 

"Violence in Baltimore is systemic; no grocery stores are leading to food insecurity and an increase in crime. How can we expect people to get involved in politics and voting when they don’t know where their next meal is coming from? And (we have) a school system that feeds the school-to-prison pipeline before, during, and after the fact. We cannot build and maintain a vibrant community with these factors.”

Critiquing the current administration, Wright believes Mayor Brandon Scott, also a candidate in the 2024 election, has neglected critical issues within the education system.  

Wright said “Brandon Scott, the current mayor and 2024 candidate, has refused to fire the current school superintendent despite ghost students, the abysmal failure of students in the most basic and fundamental aspects of reading and writing."


To the office of mayor Wright would bring her experience as a pastor, former NAACP leader, activist, mother and grandmother.  She champions empathetic leadership and prioritizes bipartisan collaboration to address community concerns. Emphasizing her independence from developer influence and special interests, Wright pledged to maintain integrity as mayor and bring pragmatic solutions to Baltimore's challenges.


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