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BPALiveWire Co-founders Honored at WKYS 93.9 Women's Excellence Empowerment Brunch

BETHESDA, MD, March 25/BPALiveWire - On Sunday, Sisters Dee Dee Bass Wilbon and Deana Bass Williams, co-founders of Bass Public Affairs and BPALiveWire, were presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the second annual Women's Excellence Empowerment Brunch, hosted by WKYS 93.9. Held at the historic Bethesda Theater, the event aimed to celebrate female empowerment and honor exceptional contributions to the community.

The event featured musical performances by local talent from the DMV area and a panel discussion on women's empowerment, led by WKYS personalities Lady Reddzz and Chey Parker. Panelists included Jessica Brown from the College Gurl Foundation, Leah Johnson from Black Girls Do, Ashley Silva, and Phylicia Pearl Mpsai, recognized for her portrayal of Young Celie in The Color Purple.

The brunch culminated with the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Bass Wilbon and  Bass Williams. As partners of a leading public affairs firm dedicated to promoting diversity of thought in the Black community, their impact has been profound.

"We are honored to have had the opportunity to share the afternoon with women dedicated to uplifting each other and building pathways of opportunity for the next generation," said Dee Dee Bass Wilbon. "We are grateful to the leadership at WKYS that would celebrate our work over the years as a communications firm dedicated to curating civil discourse in the public square."

"Cathy Hughes, is an icon in media and it's a huge honor to be recognized by one of the stations in her Radio One family," said Deana Bass Williams."It was a true pleasure to receive this award and work with her powerhouse team Cassandra Grier, Bobbi Pritchett and Shade Mallory."

The recognition of their work underscores the importance of their efforts in fostering sensible dialogue rather than vitriolic debate. Through their two decades long efforts at curating common sense in the public square, the Bass Sisters  have exemplified the power of collaboration and sisterhood in effecting positive change.



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