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Women's Public Leadership Network Training Heads to Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, OK/ September 7/ BPALiveWire — The Women's Public Leadership Network (WPLN) announces one of its signature training events aimed at empowering center and right-leaning women to step into public leadership roles. Scheduled for September 19th, this event will be held in Oklahoma City, offering a day of inspiration, learning, and networking for women from unique backgrounds and fields.

Empowering Women in Public Leadership

WPLN recognizes the glaring underrepresentation of women in political leadership and is committed to addressing this imbalance. The organization's mission is to empower women across the political spectrum with the training and resources needed to actively participate in public life, ensuring that all women's voices find representation and influence.

At the heart of WPLN's mission lies the belief that women thrive when they have a strong support network. The organization is dedicated to nurturing a community of women who seek practical, solution-oriented policies and aspire to be effective public servants, transcending the constraints of traditional politics.

Event Highlights:

The event features a packed agenda designed to equip attendees with essential skills for effective leadership.

  • 11:30 AM - Registration and Networking: Attendees have the opportunity to connect with and build valuable relationships that can support their leadership journey.

  • 12:00 PM - Program Kickoff - Profiles in Leadership Luncheon: The event kicks off with a luncheon featuring a panel discussion with accomplished women officeholders who will share their experiences and insights.

  • Panels: The Pathways to Public Service panel discussion will provide valuable insights proving that there are many paths to being a public The What’s Your Why? explores the importance of identifying a candidates "why" and how it can serve as a driving force in their passion for public service. The Developing Your Stump Speech panel teaches the art of crafting a compelling stump speech that effectively communicates their message and engages their audience.

The event concludes at 4:00 PM, but the learning and networking opportunities continue.

To secure a spot at this empowering event, attendees are encouraged to register in advance. Tickets are priced at $25 per person. Visit to learn more.


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