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Biden Elevates Transgender Celebration Over Easter

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There are 365 days of the year, and just a select few are set aside for the holiest of holidays, such as Christmas, Haunaka, and Easter. 

As one who cherishes the sacred observance of Easter Sunday, I am deeply troubled by President Biden's decision to designate this holiest of days as the Transgender Day of Visibility. This decision disregards the religious significance of Easter, elevating instead the false and hollow religion of gender, sexuality, and identity. 

Let me remind President Biden that Easter Sunday is a time-honored tradition for Christians worldwide, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the saving grace he offers to a hurting world. To debase the holiday for political agendas is not only disrespectful to the millions who celebrate this day, but more importantly an afront to the King of Kings.

Those looking to defend the president might comment that the controversy is nothing more than a poor choice of calendar date. Yet the White House’s other actions show the true heart behind this shocking declaration.  

President Biden's insistence on banning religious expressions from White House Easter celebrations bolsters the case that this White House wants to distance itself from Jesus. There is simply no other explanation for banning children from submitting religious-themed Easter egg designs at its annual event for military families, while elevating other political movements such as the trans movement. 

Click to view the White House proclamation.

Let us be reminded of the true meaning of this sacred day and the importance of preserving our religious freedoms which afford us the right to celebrate. Let us pray for America, that we may find our way back from the pit we find ourselves in. May we collectively renew a spirit of fear and reverence for a Holy God to whom this day and all days belong. 

As Jesus is beaten on a cross and buried in a tomb, President Biden seeks to elevate transgender individuals for a day of awareness. But despite the egregious leadership in the White House, there is hope! The good news is the tomb didn’t hold Jesus and President Biden’s declarations don’t change the ultimate truth — that God is creator, that Jesus is Savior, and that we all must humbly submit to He who is Lord.


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