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The Gloucester Institute Graduates Elite Class of Emerging Leaders

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GLOUCESTER, VA/ MAY 3, 2023/BPALiveWire - The Board of Directors of The Gloucester Institute recently conferred program completion honors on the 2022-2023 graduating class of the institute's Emerging Leaders program.

Charles and Kay Coles James, founders of The Gloucester Institute, were joined by Victor Branch, president of the Bank of America Richmond, in celebrating the students.

Branch delivered the commencement address at the graduation ceremony. In his speech, he issued the students a charge to continue to advance the cause of justice and civility in their communities.

"Each year, the students impress me with their intellect and inspire me with their moral character. I have no doubt that they, like the program's alumni, will become leaders, not only in their communities, but around the world," said Kay Coles James.

The students, who meet one weekend a month on the Gloucester Institute's historic Holly Knoll campus, are exposed to a range of character and leadership-building experiences. In addition, they are connected with current professionals who help to develop their skills further and prepare them to compete for leadership roles in today's complex business environment.

"News headlines forecast doom and gloom for the next generation. Our Emerging Leaders continue to convince me that our future is in good hands," said Mr. James. "These students represent American exceptionalism and are outstanding leaders."

The program focuses on personal and professional development through critical thinking and problem-solving. The Emerging Leaders program is geared explicitly toward recruiting outstanding students identified as the nation's future leaders.

The Emerging Leaders program is open to highly motivated undergraduates with a minimum 3.0 GPA and rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors at a fully accredited college or university in Virginia.

About The Gloucester Institute: The Gloucester Institute (TGI) continues the work and memory of Dr. Robert Russa Moton, the second President of Tuskegee Institute, through programs, activities, and maintenance of his historic home, Holly Knoll. TGI provides a peaceful place to restore and refresh innovators and trailblazers from diverse communities that impact the nation and world.


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