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Podcast Community : Praying for Parents

Finding the perfect blend of humor, wisdom, and whimsy can be a treasure hunt in the vast sea of podcasts. We love podcasts that make us feel like we are members of a community. For example, At Home with the Bevere’s is one of our favorites. We feel like we know John, Lisa and the fam personally.

As we prepare to launch Season 5 of Policy & Pound Cake, there are quite a few new changes, but one remains the same. We hope to foster a sense of belonging and invite listeners to be part of the conversation.

We invite you to join us in a pre-season five event, Praying for Parents. It’s just that simple. We are calling on our Policy and Pound Cake community to join us as we pray for the Papa Bears and Mama Bears on the front lines every day, protecting children from this crazy world.

Visit the link below to RSVP and receive the Virtual Link.


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