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Resist the Urge to Coast Through the Holidays; Make the Pause Purposeful and Power Up Your Business

With December upon us, small business owners often hear the familiar refrain, "Let's get to that in the new year." With “slow workdays” until January 2, the holiday season presents a unique opportunity for rest and refreshment. However, rather than succumbing to the traditional lull, consider using this time strategically to extend your productivity and get ahead. We, The Bass Sisters plan to Power Up rather than wind down. Take these three actionable steps that won't crush our holiday mood but will ensure that we are not lulled into idle complacency. First, we will conduct a digital assets audit. Your business website serves as the front door to your enterprise. Take advantage of the pause to conduct a comprehensive audit of your website and digital assets. When was the last time you thoroughly reviewed every page? Over the past year, updates and changes may have inadvertently left broken hyperlinks and outdated information. Check your social media links, verify that your email signature links are active and direct recipients to the intended destinations. A well-maintained digital presence not only enhances your professional image but also ensures that potential clients and partners have accurate and accessible information about your business. Engage in intentional networking. The 40-day pause provides a unique opportunity to strengthen professional relationships and expand your network for potential clients. Reach out to past clients and conduct a quick review of their LinkedIn pages and websites to understand their current projects and initiatives. Use this information as a basis for meaningful conversations, exchanging ideas, and exploring potential collaborations. We love using the time between Thanksgiving and the new year to schedule face to face coffee with friends and colleagues that we have not seen throughout the year. A Coffee, Tea break or hot coaco break is an inexpensive way to network and build foundation for follow-up in the new year. Finally, there is no better time to invest in virtual professional development. Use the pause to invest in your own growth. Those Canva courses, Adobe workshops, and Great Courses lectures that you did not have time for during the year could be a perfect fit for your purposeful pause schedule. Actively work on honing your skills and expanding your knowledge base. As political communicators, we are investing time in watching a few free archived policy summits. The American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC, introduced its 2024 Essential Policy Solutions at its annual States and Nation Policy Summit. The solutions focus on initiatives such as strengthening parental rights through universal education freedom, ensuring state pensions remain free from politicized investment strategies and safeguarding states from the influence of the Chinese government.

We will also take time to review the archived sessions of the Policy Circle’s Summit 7th Annual Leadership Summit. The Policy Circle also offers meticulously crafted briefs that make great power up reading. These briefs not only articulate the issues of the day, but also offer historical context, delve into potential avenues for reform, and most important encourage women to get engaged locally. Being intentional about your December workload does not mean to overdue it an ignore the holidays and the holy days with family. However, you can enjoy a well-deserved break during the holidays while positioning your business for a productive and successful new year.


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