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Statement From Dr. Alveda King on the Death of Her Beloved Mother Dr. Naomi Ruth Barber-King

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Over the past week, I have been blessed by and grateful for the numerous calls and prayers remembering the vibrant life lessons from my mother, Dr. Naomi Ruth Barber King.  She often reminded me to “heal on your feet.”

My Mother was affectionately known as the “Butterfly Queen.”  She called me her “Angel Daughter.” Butterflies were a lifelong symbol of her vibrant, grace-filled, hope-filled, love-filled spirit.  She found peace and strength in the delicate wings of these creatures just as we who know and love her found peace and strength resting beneath the wings of her lessons and love.

Over the years, I had the privilege of supporting my mother as she traveled the world. She advocated for human rights with the same passion and conviction as my father A.D. King and Uncle Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  

Most recently at the end of last year, I traveled to Amsterdam on her behalf, where I was blessed to share her wisdom and vision with world leaders.  Such wisdom can only be gained through listening and responding to the world with the love of the Lord.

In every beat, my heart simultaneously grieves and rejoices at her parting. I have no doubt that my mother is at peace and at rest with the Lord.  I also have the great honor of being a grateful benefactor of her wisdom and love.  I see the impressions of her life on the lives of generations of Kings and Butterfly Queens throughout eternity.

Her foundation is also her legacy.  Inquiries and support may be made to her memory at The A.D. King Foundation.


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