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Newly Released Book CREW Serves as a Primer for Boys in the Boat

ALEXANDRIA, VA, Dec. 21, 2023 /BPALiveWire/ Alexandria, VA, known for its historic charm and picturesque Potomac River, has a new reason to celebrate as local author Southerlyn Marino launches her new book "CREW: A Guide to Rowing” available on Amazon. With a foreword by Alexandria rowing legend Jim Dooley, this book promises to demystify the world of rowing for newcomers and enthusiasts, just in time for the highly anticipated movie, The Boys in the Boat. 

“As a parent of a rower, I had to ask a lot of questions to understand the sport,” said Southerlyn Marino. “I hope this guide makes the sport more accessible for more students athletes and their families.”

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Potomac River

For those who have wondered about the long boats gliding through the Potomac River in the opening credits every action film that takes takes place in Washington, DC, CREW will explain the sport. The Washington, DC area boasts hundreds of rowers who train in shells up and down the river almost daily.  CREW a step-by-step guide, crafted with insights from the author’s personal experience as a high school rowing parent unravels the secrets of the sport.

Key Features of "CREW: A Guide to Rowing":

  • Insights for high schoolers and parents entering the world of rowing.

  • Understanding the key features of rowing boats, gear, and equipment.

  • Mastering crew and seating positions for optimal performance.

  • Strategies and techniques for effective rowing.

  • Nutritional guidance for peak performance.

  • Etiquette and tips for rowing competitions.

  • Balancing academic study with a passion for rowing.

"Understanding the essence of rowing fosters a deeper connection to our Potomac River environment and the incredible opportunity us locals have to learn to row," said Jim Dooley,  revered figure in Alexandria's rowing history. "CREW is not just a book; it's a celebration of our local rowing community."

Book Availability:

"CREW: A Guide to Rowing" is available at and is topping the charts in Teen Health, Boating and Water Sports categories. 


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