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Nina May Nominated in Six Categories at the 20th Annual 168 Film Festival

FAYETTEVILLE, GA/ OCTOBER 21, 2023/BPALiveWire – Nina May's short film, Grandfather Time, secured an impressive six nominations at the 20th Annual 168 Film Festival. The much-anticipated event will reveal the competition's winners during its awards show on November 4 in Fayetteville, Georgia. The 168 Film Festival, renowned for its celebration of faith-based storytelling and artistic exploration, acknowledges the exceptional quality of Grandfather Time with multiple nominations.

Grandfather Time, a compelling short film starring the celebrated actor Tony Lo Bianco, strikes a chord through its captivating storytelling, skillful direction and outstanding acting. The cast includes seasoned talent like Lo Bianco and new talent like 12-year-old Ella Yazdani, who received a nomination in the best actress category.

May’s film explores universal themes of love, family, and the passage of time, while incorporating elements of faith and biblical inspiration in harmony with the festival's core mission.

Her dedication to storytelling is evident in her previous work, including the award-winning family-friendly dramedy Life Fine Tuned, which not only triumphed at the International Family Film Festival in Hollywood but also earned over 14 additional awards. May also wrote and directed First Lady, starring Corbin Bernsen and Nancy Stafford, which was featured at the Cannes Film Festival.

May's six nominations at the festival's signature competitions highlight her extraordinary talent and her ability to craft narratives that deeply resonate with audiences.

"The 168 Film Festival is a vital gathering for Christian filmmakers, and I am deeply honored to be included among the outstanding talent that this festival showcases,” said May. “168 Film Festival has carved a critical space for filmmakers who want to explore and express their faith through the excellence in the art of film.”

Founded in 2003 by John David Ware, the festival emerged from the frustration of industry professionals wanting to make faith-based films but facing logistical hurdles. The name "168" reflects the 168 hours (seven days) allocated to create a short film, encouraging filmmakers to overcome time and budget constraints and produce exceptional work.

The 168 Film Festival will feature a special appearance by stand-up comedian Ron Pearson, who starred in Curb Your Evangelism, which won 168's Best Comedy award that year. The film is set to screen at this year's festival.

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