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We Celebrate the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

King Commentaries

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Precious Lord: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Playlist

MLK: Letter from Birmingham Jail

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Dr. King advocated for the fulfillment of America’s founding promise.  

Dr. Alveda King

"When I think of the areas that influenced Uncle ML, I must consider the music that engulfed our lives and the family home on Auburn Avenue. The music was rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Condoleezza Rice

"We have come a long way since Dr. King shared his dream at the Lincoln Memorial — may we take pride in that as a nation, and remain committed to human progress in his example."

Dr. Ben Carson

"Even in the darkest days of the Civil Rights movement, Dr. King advocated for the fulfillment — rather than the rejection — of America’s founding promise."

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